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When it comes to a Canadian fishing lodges, there is only one Rough Rock Lodge & Outpost. Surrounded by the sheer beauty of rock cliffs and colorful ever-changing scenery, the lodge is located on the Canadian Shield, one of North America’s most spectacular places with thousands of crystal clear freshwater lakes created by an ancient glacier. This one-of-a-kind Canadian fishing outpost lodge is located on Rough Rock Lake, 45 miles north of Kenora in Ontario, Canada, also known as Sunset Country. That’s just another past-time at Rough Rock, watching the gorgeous sunsets and sharing stories around the campfire.

Our premier fishing lodges in Ontario, Canada, offer unfettered access to the pristine Rough Rock Lake, which boasts over 50 miles of shoreline and some of the most impressive fish in the world. Our professional Canada fishing guides know the ins and outs of our secluded piece of paradise so that they can show you the best fishing in Canada. Our favorite species to catch here are Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, Northern Pike, and Muskie. 

Rough Rock’s Canada fishing trips are unlike anything else you’ll ever experience. Our all-inclusive Ontario fly-in fishing trips feature comfortable accommodations in our Canadian fishing lodges, home-cooked meals, top-of-the-line boats, and, if you choose, an expert Canada fishing guide. All of these things combine to create the finest Canada fishing trips available.

Rough Rock Lodge & Outpost offers the best Canadian fishing trips for any occasion or travel group. We welcome families with children, couples on their honeymoon, business groups, and more each season for an exciting, authentic wilderness experience and the best fishing in Canada.

Our area’s rugged, untouched nature means the woods surrounding Rough Rock Lake are teeming with wildlife. When you’re not fishing, keep your eye out for the native animals surrounding our fishing lodges in Ontario, Canada. You’re likely to see black bears, whitetail deer, river otters, beavers, and more during your stay at Rough Rock Lodge & Outpost, one of the foremost Canada fishing resorts.

After a full day of the best fishing in Canada, sit around the fire and watch the sun dip lazily below the trees. There’s nothing better than sharing stories of the one that got away beneath the blazing evening sky. 

When it’s time for another one of your Canada fishing trips, Ontario fishing lodges will be waiting to welcome you back. Rough Rock Lodge’s fishing is an unbeatable experience that every angler should have. Are you ready for the best fishing trips Ontario has to offer?

Rough Rock Lake map.

Lake Map

Man holding a muskie.


Rough Rock cliffside.


Two men frying fish on the shore.

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