Put down the electronics and the video games and treat your family to the perfect gift this holiday season. Bring the entire family together and get rid of the distractions and plan a family vacation next summer! Rough Rock Outpost is the ideal location filled with beautiful views and perfect amenities. Spend the summer bonding and fishing on Rough Rock Lake Ontario. It will be the ideal gift for everyone.

At Rough Rock Outpost you are surrounded by the beauty of the crystal clear freshwater lakes and giant rocky cliffs. The location offers you the space to turn off the notifications and take a moment to relax. During your trip, explore and spend your time outdoors. At Rough Rock, we embrace the outdoors by fishing, hiking, and exploring the area around Rough Rock Lake Ontario.

Rough Rock Lake Ontario fishing from a  boatAt Rough Rock, allow our guides to host your full day of fishing. Our guides will teach you and your family new tips and tricks to catch the perfect fish so that you can become a pro fisherman. It is an excellent sport for teamwork when reeling in the fish and some friendly competition to see who can catch the biggest fish. You will have the opportunity to catch different types of fish and fish after dinner, which most places do not allow. Watch the spectacular Canadian sunset and share your fishing stories with the family while the stars start to appear. This is an excellent way to spend one on one time with your family in the calm setting of Rough Rock Lake Ontario.

Our Rough Rock Lake Ontario fishing trips offer something new for the whole family. Experience a new town, new activities, and a new way of life. You do not even have to worry about cooking or cleaning because we take care of all those details, so you have that time to spend with your loved ones. This year put down the phones and gift your family with quality time together at Rough Rock Lake Ontario.