Crystal clear freshwater lakes, our one-of-a-kind fishing lodge on Rough Rock Lake, and the gorgeous sunsets make Rough Rock Outpost one of the best Canadian fishing lodges.

Walleye Fishing at One of the Best Canadian Fishing Lodges

If you’re looking for a quiet time out on the water, this late in the season, most people are pulling the boat out of the water for good. You’ll find the fishing changes from what summer and early fall fishing offer. But the fish are still out, they are just trickier to reel in, but if you’re willing to put the time and effort you can find good fish fry. If you’ve never had a hard time catching a walleye, you may be surprised at the extra lure you need to use to reel in an uninterested walleye. But the quiet time out on the water surrounded by beautiful fall foliage is an experience every fisherman should experience.

Muskie Fishing at One of the Best Canadian Fishing Lodges

Local fishermen know all the hotspots for muskies, and when you stay at one of the best Canadian fishing lodges, you’ll find out too. Our quaint little town, Minaki, intersects all water flowing north over the continental divide from Lake of the Woods to Lake Winnipeg, runs through the Winnipeg River. The current runs through five major lakes, including Rough Rock Lake and many other smaller ones. Unlike walleye, Muskies strive in cold water as they follow spawning baitfish. Naturally, this makes for big muskies around mid-October, so if you’re one of the few brave anglers to come out here still, you’ll be rewarded with trophy-sized Muskies.

The Winnipeg River System and Rough Rock Lake offer fantastic fishing for Walleye and Muskie as well as northern pike, smallmouth bass and many more. If you’re searching for a new fishing spot to capture the Ontario experience, you’ll find Rough Rock Outpost is one of the best Canadian fishing lodges in Minaki!