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Travel Packing List and Travel Tips for Fishing in Ontario

So, you've just secured your reservation at Rough Rock Outpost to experience the Ontario fishing season for some of the best fishing in Canada, but what now? The first thing you can do— besides making sure your favourite tackle is in order—ensures that you're fully prepared by creating a travel packing list. One of the best parts about booking your fishing trip early is that you'll have ample time to research and ask questions. One of the most apparent advantages to staying with Rough Rock is we'll make sure you're fed. All you need is your suitcase and gear! But still, you'll want to make sure you have all the right items to fully enjoy your vacation. After booking your stay, we recommend using our travel packing list and travel tips as a template for what to bring. Smart Travel Tips for a Canada Fishing Trip Before you make your way to the dense forests and remote lakes of the Ontario wilderness, ask a trusted friend or family member if they can keep an eye on your home. Knowing that you have a responsible person looking after your domain will help you keep your mind on fishing as you [...]

An Ontario Fishing Trip: Staying Busy During the Offseason

If you plan on enjoying the great outdoors at Rough Rock Lodge & Outpost in Minaki this year, then you’ve probably already booked your Ontario fishing trip well in advance. Despite all the advantages to booking early, the only real downside is that your eyes will be glued to the calendar until you find yourself knee-deep in some of the best fishing in Canada. Now, just because you have to wait a little while before the Ontario fishing season at Rough Rock doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of your time leading up to your vacation. There are more than a few ways to stay busy before the ultimate Ontario fishing trip. From taking on new hobbies to scouring the net for fishing videos, today we’d like to give you a few ideas to help make time fly before landing at the outpost. Search for Fishing Videos One of the greatest gifts the internet has given anglers is a seemingly endless supply of videos that showcase various techniques, locations, and species to use, visit, and target. A common misconception about fishermen and women is that we are primitive hunter-gatherers who avoid technology at all costs. Well, contrary to [...]

Ontario Fishing Season: 3 Reasons to Book Your Trip Now

As we look ahead at a new year, we can't stop pondering the next Ontario fishing season at Rough Rock Lodge & Outpost. Fishing in Ontario is something every angler should experience, especially those with a penchant for massive sport fish like walleye, pike, and muskie. Because it offers some of Canada's best fishing, you won't be the only one eager for a fishing trip in Minaki, Ontario. Therefore, early booking is critical to the planning process and even more important for securing your preferred dates and lodging options. You don't want to get all worked up for the Ontario fishing season only to learn you won't be able to go when you want. Thoughtful planning begins with making reservations, and it's always a good idea to do it sooner than later. To offer a bit of encouragement, we'd like to share three reasons to make your reservation now. Transportation Logistics On the surface, transportation seems pretty straightforward. You type in the destination into your navigation app or GPS, and away you go, right? Well, depending on where you live, you may be flying into Winnipeg before arriving at Rough Rock Lodge. If that is the case, you'll want [...]

Give the Gift of Fishing in Ontario

It's hard to fathom, but the holiday season is making its way in for hot toddies and ginger snaps. There are many people with an innate ability to find the perfect gift for anyone. Some of us become perplexed at the prospect of gift-giving. Whether it be a relative, partner, or friend, fishing in Ontario is something they'll treasure for a lifetime. Not only will they be bestowed the chance to land a prized game fish like walleye and muskie, but they'll also have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a remote setting teeming with Canadian wildlife and other gifts from nature. From guided fishing trips to rustic dining, Rough Rock Lodge provides guests with unbound access to some of Canada's best fishing. And that's saying a lot! Not everyone has had the privilege of fishing in Ontario, but those who have will want to return. Much More Than the Ontario Fishing Season Despite being the principal motive for our guests, there's more to Rough Rock Lodge than fishing in Ontario. Guests will find out first hand what it's like to eat their catch while enjoying a can of suds from the nearby shoreline. With modern amenities like wireless [...]

Enjoy the Canadian Wildlife at Rough Rock Lodge

One of the perks of visiting an Ontario fishing lodge is the seemingly limitless exposure to Canadian wildlife. With summer in full swing, many native animal species are fully active, moving about in search of mates and food. From roaming black bears to playful otters, Rough Rock Lodge & Outpost is home to a diverse assortment of fauna to enjoy on your Ontario vacation. While most of us have observed animals in their natural habitat, watching the squirrels and chipmunks forage at the bird feeder isn't exactly what you'll witness at resorts in Ontario. We've put together a few guidelines to help you make the most of your exciting retreat and maximize your wildlife viewing experience.

Hire a Canadian Fishing Guide from Rough Rock Lodge

Embarking on a guided Canadian fishing trip is something every angler should experience at least once in their lifetime. Whether you are a novice or avid fisherman, Roughrock Lake is the perfect place to take your angling acumen to the next level. This glacial remnant offers over 50 miles of fishable shoreline and a dynamic array of highly coveted sportfish, including smallmouth bass, walleye, northern pike, and the elusive muskellunge. As much as we share and appreciate the can-do spirit exhibited by fishermen and women far and wide, even those who grew up around Roughrock Lake will highly recommend enlisting a Canadian fishing guide.

The Best Pike Fishing in Ontario

Over the years, many anglers have come to associate trophy northern pike with the great province of Ontario. The elegant beauty showcased by the pristine wilderness surrounding it is part of what makes Rough Rock Lake some of the best pike fishing in Ontario. Coupled with the thoughtful conservation practices of our local anglers and wildlife management services, and you’ll find yourself in an environment teeming with northern pike.

Walleye Fishing in Ontario with Rough Rock Lodge

Walleye fishing in Ontario is arguably the most quintessential Canadian fishing adventure every angler should experience. Imagine walking up to the dock before sunrise, gear, and tackle in tow as mist emanates from the lake. Whether you are targeting a personal best, aiming to limit out on eaters, our outpost on Rough Rock Lake grants you access to over 50 miles of Canadian shoreline. At Rough Rock Lodge, we give you the option to fish on your own or with one of our knowledgeable guides. Before we start getting the cabins ready, we want to share some standard guidelines to maximize your Canadian fishing adventure.

Tips for Smallmouth Bass Fishing in Ontario

Understandably, a lot of people will think of walleye when they contemplate fishing in Ontario. We’ve all heard stories about people limiting out on “wallies” from the bountiful lakes of Ontario, but some anglers may not realize that there are also some amazing smallmouth bass fishing opportunities as well.

Corporate Fishing Trips (with Team Building)

Rough Rock Lodge is simply the best place to book your next corporate getaway because, apart from the beautiful cabins in the woods, you’ll be welcomed with dining options just for you, as well as access to Rough Rock’s signature fishing boats. Here, you’ll be able to experience fishing in Ontario on pristine lakes and be able to practice team building while having fun exploring the woods surrounding Canada’s Rough Rock Lodge.

Get the Health Benefits of Freshwater Fish at Rough Rock

Rough Rock Lodge & Outpost provides access to some of the best freshwater fish to eat, and it turns out that most people need to add more to their diets. The American Heart Association recommends at least two servings of fish each week. So how can you reap the health benefits of freshwater fish? By taking a trip to our Canada fishing lodges and catching some yourself!

Tips and Tricks for Walleye Fishing in Canada

Few fish have as many fans as walleye. The ever-popular freshwater fish is highly sought after by novice and expert anglers alike, and here at Rough Rock Lodge, they’re abundant. With seemingly endless shoreline and perfect water temperatures, Rough Rock Lake is the ideal lake for walleye fishing in Canada.

Enjoy Traditional Canadian Food in Minaki, Ontario

A hot fire, cast-iron skillet, fresh fish, and refreshing lakeside breeze are essential parts of traditional Canadian food. At Rough Rock Lodge, we have all of those things and more. Our fishing lodges in Ontario, Canada, offer access to the best Canadian fish, and with so much fresh fish, you’ll never be hungry during your stay.

Explore Canada: Travelling to Rough Rock Lodge

There are a couple of options for travelling to our secluded lakeside destination; if you elect to drive between the Winnipeg airport and our landing, you’ll have the opportunity to explore Canada in both urban and rural settings. It’s truly one of the most beautiful three hours you’ll experience. Here are the must-stop places between Winnipeg and Rough Rock Lodge.

Complete Canada Fishing Trips Packing List

Whether you’re traveling internationally or from within Ontario, packing for Canada fishing trips can be a daunting task. When you stay at Rough Rock Lodge and Outpost Ontario fishing lodges, you only have to bring your suitcase, your fishing gear, and yourself. We’ll provide everything else you need—including this extensive packing list!

Fall Fishing Trips to Rough Rock Lake

Autumn can be a magical time of year in any part of the world, but a trip to Canada will truly let you witness all the autumn colors you can dream of. While you’re outside enjoying the cooling weather and beautiful falling leaves, there’s no better time to get out on the lake and do some fishing. With the heat of the year gone, a trip to one of Canada’s most famous fishing lodges surely won’t disappoint. Rough Rock Outpost, located right on Rough Rock Lake in Ontario, Canada, will provide you with every fall fishing opportunity you could hope for.

Summer Fun for the Whole Family in Minaki, Ontario

School is out, and the kids are excited for the summer vacation of a lifetime. Gather up everyone in your family for the chance to indulge in the warm weather and abundance of things to do in Ontario Canada when you book a stay with Rough Rock Lodge & Outpost. Ideally located in the breathtaking Canadian Shield, Rough Rock overlooks the magnificent Rough Rock Lake and is surrounded by majestic mountains and wondrous natural scenery. This incredible destination offers lakeshore cabins and some of the best fishing trips in Canada!

Summer Fun at Rough Rock Lodge

When it comes to fishing lodges in Ontario, Canada, nothing compares to Rough Rock Outpost. We're surrounded by the sheer beauty of rock cliffs and the ever-changing scenery of the Canadian Shield. Our one-of-a-kind Canadian fishing lodge is located on Rough Rock Lake, 45 miles north of Kenora in Minaki, Ontario. With thousands of crystal clear freshwater lakes surrounding our Ontario fishing resort, you'll fall in love with Rough Rock Outpost, whether it's watching the gorgeous sunsets or sharing fishing stories around the campfire.

Spring to Rough Rock Lodge

When it comes to Canadian fishing trips, Rough Rock Lodge is the only place for you! Not only are we located near some of the best fishing lakes in Canada. You’ll reel’ in walleye, bass, northern pike, and muskie while staying in our luxurious accommodations. If you’re looking to experience the best fishing trips in Canada, join us at Rough Rock Lodge for Memorial weekend to begin another incredible fishing season!

Best Lakeshore Cabins in Ontario Canada

Winters can get long in Ontario, but Spring is coming! Whether you spend all day fishing or just a few hours, you'll have fun reconnecting with family and friends as you gather at Rough Rock Lodge & Outpost’s lakeshore cabins. Fishing adventures vary as much as the weather here in Ontario, whether you're looking for a quiet fishing expedition through the wilderness or a unique boat-in excursion on the peaceful Winnipeg River. Rough Rock Lodge & Outpost is the spot for you and your fishing crew’s next escapade! Best Fishing in Ontario You’ll find some of the best Canadian fishing here, with thousands of fishable lakes, you'll find plenty of fishing opportunity. You’ll get a chance to catch northern pike, walleye, as well as smallmouth, muskie, perch, black crappie, and sauger. We can help you find beautiful lakeshore cabins complete with everything you’ll need for an excellent fishing getaway in Ontario. If you’re looking to get out on the water, embark on one of our rental boats for a thrilling fishing adventure. Boating into the wilderness of Rough Rock Lake is a unique experience. Pack your suitcase and fishing gear, and let us spoil you with world class fishing, [...]

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Fishing in Ontario!

When it comes to fishing in Ontario, you must stay at Rough Rock Lodge & Outpost. Our comfortable lodge is surrounded by beautiful rock cliffs and colorful ever-changing scenery on the Canadian Shield. Get lost exploring the crystal clear lakes formed by an ancient glacier or enjoy picturesque sunsets before heading back to our comfortable cottages.   Fishing in Ontario Whether you're a fly fisher searching for that massive northern or you're looking to catch some freshwater salmon, Ontario has you covered. Regardless of the season or species, you're looking to reel in, Rough Rock Lodge & Outpost will have you hooked. Our cottages are located right on  Rough Rock Lake, where you'll find Muskies and big northern. The islands and rock piles on the southern part of the lake are the sweet spots for big northern. The north bay is also a great spot to reel in trophy-sized muskies. However, you'll want to watch out for hidden rocks. If you visit in the summer you’ll have the opportunity to try one of the finest freshwater fish in North America, Walleye. Overall you'll love fishing in Ontario as you embark on one of our boat rentals, embrace our unique [...]

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Fishing Romance in Minaki Ontario

As Valentine’s Day approaches, you’re looking for romantic winter getaways. We recommend Rough Rock Lodge & Outpost, located in Minaki Ontario. You'll find this charming town offers plenty of lovely things to do in Ontario Canada. From catching prize fish to cozying up in outstanding accommodations. Both, you and your sweetheart, will have a great time during your stay with us at Rough Rock Lodge & Outpost Accommodations at the Lodge Rough Rock Lodge & Outpost features seven spacious cottages with everything you need for the perfect getaway with your lover. Including amenities like fresh linens and towels, free wifi, daily maid service, hot and cold running water, a private bathroom and shower, satellite TV, a refrigerator and coffee pot. Some cabins are fully equipped with a stove and cooking utensils, dishes, pots, and pans. Whether you're staying for three nights and two days or seven nights and six days, we have a package to match your getaway dreams! You'll find that time flies by, as you take in the beauty of Minaki Ontario. Escape to Minaki Ontario We offer various options to help you plan your trip to Rough Rock Lodge & Outpost, choose from the American Plan [...]

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New Year Resolutions: More Fishing!

‘Tis the season for resolutions and Rough Rock Outpost is here to help you set achievable goals: fish more, and learn how to fish! When it comes to selecting all-inclusive resorts in Ontario, there’s no better choice than Rough Rock Outpost. Thanks to our outstanding location amongst thousands of crystal clear freshwater lakes and ever-changing scenery. Learn How to Fish at Rough Rock Have you always wanted to learn to fish, but never taken the leap of faith? Let our expert guides will help you. From setting hooks to choosing the right bait, they’ll even show you how to clean your catch. You’ll quickly be hooked on this traditional pastime! You’ll learn to fish more efficiently, once you know the difference between natural and artificial baits, and you’ll catch more fish by setting the hook properly. After learning the basics, you can ask your guide to teach you how to cast your fishing rod using different reels. Once you have reeled in a fish, you’ll want to make sure to land your catch safely. If you’re releasing your catch, we’ll also teach you the proper steps to help ensure survival rates of that species. After safely landing your catch [...]

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Christmas at Rough Rock Lodge

Surprise your loved ones with a great gift: fishing vacations in Canada! There’s no better gift than quality time. Skip the hassle of finding the latest gaming counsel or the neverending lines at the store, by booking your summer vacation at Rough Rock Lodge. Of all the resorts in Ontario, you won’t regret booking with us, because we provide the best Ontario fishing lodges, outstanding fishing excursions, and so much more.

Thanks-fishing at Rough Rock Outpost for the Best Fishing Vacation in Canada

For the best fishing vacations in Canada, spend your time at our premier Rough Rock Lodge! From freshwater lakes to urban cities, we have a little bit of everything for all travelers. With Thanksgiving around the corner, we want to thank you for a wonderful 2018 season and making us one of the top Ontario fishing lodges. Ontario Fishing Lodges Our Rough Rock Outpost guests look forward to their fishing vacations in Canada, which is why they choose to stay in our comfortable cottages with outstanding amenities. We offer the best Ontario fishing lodges because of all the services included, from daily maid service, fresh linens, and towels, to private bathroom and showers, fully furnished with a fridge and coffee maker. We also include meals in some of our packages. Most visitors wish they could stay longer, come and find out why! Best Fishing Vacations in Canada When you stay at Rough Rock Lodge, you’ll not only get to stay in our exceptional Ontario fishing lodges, but you will also get to experience some of the best fishing in Ontario. As you adventure out on the finest freshwater lakes in North America, you’ll find yourself reeling in award-winning fish, [...]

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Fall Fishing at Rough Rock

Crystal clear freshwater lakes, our one-of-a-kind fishing lodge on Rough Rock Lake, and the gorgeous sunsets make Rough Rock Outpost one of the best Canadian fishing lodges. If you’re looking for a quiet time out on the water, this late in the season, most people are pulling the boat out of the water for good. You’ll find the fishing changes from what summer and early fall fishing offer. But the fish are still out, they are just trickier to reel in, but if you’re willing to put the time and effort you can find good fish fry.

Fall Foliage in Minaki Ontario

The kids are getting ready to go back to school, days are getting shorter, and the air turns crisp yes you've guessed it, fall is coming. Fall is a spectacular time visit Rough Rock Outpost in Minaki Ontario, as nights get longer you’ll love cozying up around our campfire with warm blankets and enjoy the starry sky. The leaves outside put on a stunning show as they change colours, from gorgeous golds to rusty reds and bright oranges.

What to pack vs. what Rough Rock has available.

Canada fishing resorts, like Rough Rock Outpost, offer spectacular fishing opportunities! We know you’re itching to get out here. However, we want to make sure you pack only what you need. So, we have put together a list of items you’ll need to pack and another of what we have available here.  We’ll start with items you will need to pack to have the best experience at one of the best Canada fishing resorts. Fishing Gear. Rain Gear. Make sure to choose the rain gear that suits you best, as you want to be comfortable. Warm weather and Cool weather Clothing. Passport and I.D. Fishing and Hunting Licenses, we ask that you please purchase these online prior to your arrival to Rough Rock Outpost. Meals, we offer a variety of packages which all include three meals a day. Bug Repellent, Sunscreen, and Sunglasses. Insects are a key part of our water shores, as they keep the natural life cycle balanced. But, we figure you’d rather let the fish eat insects and not the insects eat you! Camera, you’ll want to capture every catch you real in, and fun memories around our shore meals, and campfires, as well as our [...]

Nightlife on Rough Rock Lake

Summer means heading to the great outdoors, far from the bright city lights. If you’ve never sat out under a starry sky, you must stay at Rough Rock Outpost and experience a starry night on Rough Rock Lake Ontario! Observe Wildlife! Although our nightlife is truly magical, you can also spot a wide range of wildlife animals around Rough Rock Lake Ontario! Such as black bear, whitetail deer, river otter, and ruby-throated hummingbird! You may be able to spot any, and all the animals listed while fishing on Rough Rock Lake Ontario or hiking on one of our scenic trails. While you’re out and about around Rough Rock Outpost, make sure you set a day aside to try our shore lunch! Our guests really enjoy the freshly-caught fish lunch we offer on the shore. After you’ve been out on the lake fishing, you get to relax while your guide sets up a campfire and fires up the frying pan, fillets and seasons the fish with a tasty combination of flour and spices, then fries them up on an open flame fire. This is no ordinary shore lunch with just a can of pork and beans and few potatoes. Rough [...]

Plenty of Fish in the Lake!

If the only thing that is holding you back from a fishing trip in Canada; is not knowing much about Canada fishing lodges than let us ease your fears! Because when it comes to Canada fishing lodges, Rough Rock Outpost is the one and only! Surrounded by beautiful rock cliffs and breathtaking crystal clear freshwater lakes. Alright, well now that that’s taken care of, let’s talk fishing! Your Visit, Your Catch! If you want to catch smallmouth bass, walleye and, or northern pikes now’s your time! The season opens late May and ends in early October! If you're looking to find some Muskies, you’ll have to wait a few more weeks as Muskie season begins late June and ends in early October. If you want to fish, we always have fish, and if you like them all we have them all! In all seriousness, if you are looking for a fighting catch, Smallmouth Bass don’t give up! Bring your light tackle or fly rod and enjoy the aerial tricks, some would call it fishing-show! If you’re looking for the tastiest fish, then you must try our walleye! Northern Pike, also known as water wolf of the north, is a [...]

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Get To Know The Northern Pike

When you are out on a boat, and the waves are gently rocking you back and forth, then you'll know you're Canadian fishing. The Ontario skies are shining above, and you feel a tug on your line. You reel and pull, carefully maneuvering your gear as you bring in a 40 inch Northern Pike. As you measure and weigh your monster Pike, you can’t help but crack a smile and do a victory dance. Northern Pikes are a popular catch in Canadian fishing.  Northern Pike Facts The Northern Pike carries many different nicknames and is easily recognized with a few defining features. With long slender bodies, a small dorsal fin near the tail, a broad, flattened snout, and uniques green, yellow, and creme markings make this fish one of a kind. The duckbill-like snout and sharp teeth make this fish an all-star carnivorous fish. They lie in wait for their pray and attack once they find a suitable meal. Pikes can reach lengths of more than 40 inches long but average at about 20-25 inches and weigh an average of 30 or so pounds. Find them on your Canadian Fishing Trip Found primarily in fresh water, the Northern Pike loves [...]

Tips For Your Fishing Trip

Fishing trips can be a “boatload” of fun. With the excitement of duking it out with a mighty muskie or finessing the relentless smallmouth bass, it is no surprise why anglers have such a passion for the sport. However, certain things go hand in hand with fishing that could make or break your outing. We have a few tips so you can experience the best Canadian fishing trips possible. Know Your Surroundings When you are going out to a place like Rough Rock, where you may not have encountered before, it is important to know what fish are in that particular area. You do not want to show up with bait and tackle for a fish that is not even common to that area. By knowing where you are going and what fish live there, you can correctly prepare. It is also good to check in with the lodge for fishing reports to see if the fish you desire is in a peak season.  Check Your Gear One very critical preparation is checking your gear over. Make sure that your lines are not kinked or cloudy. If they are, swap them out before you get to your destination. You [...]

A Fishing Trip To Remember

Ontario, Canada, known for a wide range of wildlife, sprawling landscapes, and many incredible experiences. On experience that you can find here at Rough Rock Outpost, is the spectacular fishing. The cool fresh waters of the Minaki Canada area are full of challenging catches that are just waiting to put up a fight. What To Expect When you arrive at Rough Rock Outpost, you will be greeted by a lovely corner of Canadian paradise on the shores of Ellis’ Bay. You will need to bring your gear, but you can expect to be pampered while you are here. Enjoy shore lunches, pleasant sleeping quarters, and well-maintained boats to take you out. You can choose a package that best fits what you would like your trip to be, and we will take care of you. Our goal is to make your fishing trip absolutely unforgettable. Most Popular Catches Here at Rough Rock, we have several residents that can definitely be considered celebrities. Most anglers will recognize the names like Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pikes, and Muskies. It is common to see these and many more in one trip. The Minaki Canada waters are full of fantastic catches that will put [...]

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What To Bring On Your Ontario Fishing Trip

An Ontario fishing adventure is an exhilarating and memorable fishing trip. With an abundance of river monsters just waiting to give you a good fight, it will be one excursion you will look back on for years to come. Rough Rock Outpost is a fantastic place to experience Ontario’s fishing at its finest. Some of the best fishing tales and memories are made with Rough Rock. There are a few things to take into consideration when you are planning your own excursion for the best trip imaginable. Planning Ahead for the best Canadian fishing Trip Though Ontario is a beautiful place with sprawling landscapes and forestland for miles, it can be tricky to navigate. Having someone to guide you on your trip is one of the best ways to Canadian fishing at its finest. By teaming up with a Rough Rock guide, you will have someone with you that knows the terrain and can help you find prime fishing spots and give you tips on how to reel in the best catches. The Rough Rock Outpost fishing guides are seasoned and knowledgeable of how the weather and terrain changes to make sure you have a successful time out. Packing All [...]

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Spotlight: Walleye Fishing

There is not much better of a feeling than your boat rocking on the waves while you cast your line out into the water and wait for a bite. For Rough Rock Outpost, fishing is a favorite pastime. With different packages for staying in cozy lodging, tasty meals, and top-notch fishing, every angler will love a trip to this spot. Grab your gear and get ready for one of the best Canadian fishing trips with Rough Rock Outpost. Best Canadian Fishing Trips There are four common celebrities that guests love when fishing with Rough Rock and those are: Small Mouth Bass, Northern Pike, Muskie, and Walleye. All four of these fish are native to the area and are plentiful in the Ellis Bay waters right outside the lodge. The Walleye is a popular fish for cooking as it is one of the tastiest in the Ontario waters. Many like to enjoy their walleye for the “shore lunch” when the seasoned guides cookout on the shores of the lodge. The Walleye  Being the largest member of the Perch family, the Walleye is a widely sought-after fish in much of the north central area of the United States. They are pretty [...]

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Rough Rock Lake Ontario: The Perfect Holiday Gift

Put down the electronics and the video games and treat your family to the perfect gift this holiday season. Bring the entire family together and get rid of the distractions and plan a family vacation next summer! Rough Rock Outpost is the ideal location filled with beautiful views and perfect amenities. Spend the summer bonding and fishing on Rough Rock Lake Ontario. It will be the ideal gift for everyone. At Rough Rock Outpost you are surrounded by the beauty of the crystal clear freshwater lakes and giant rocky cliffs. The location offers you the space to turn off the notifications and take a moment to relax. During your trip, explore and spend your time outdoors. At Rough Rock, we embrace the outdoors by fishing, hiking, and exploring the area around Rough Rock Lake Ontario. At Rough Rock, allow our guides to host your full day of fishing. Our guides will teach you and your family new tips and tricks to catch the perfect fish so that you can become a pro fisherman. It is an excellent sport for teamwork when reeling in the fish and some friendly competition to see who can catch the biggest fish. You will [...]

Cheers To A Great Season At Rough Rock Lake Ontario

September flew by here at Rough Rock Lake Ontario. Summer has ended, and autumn is here to stay. The leaves have made their transformation into fall colors and the holiday season is right around the corner. Our 2017 season has come to an end, and we are starting to close up for winter and make preparations for next year. So, as we are closing for the season, it is time for you to start thinking about next year's trip to Rough Rock Lake Ontario. First, decide who wants to go on the journey. We provide world-class fishing in one of North America's most spectacular places surrounded by the sheer beauty of rock cliffs and ever-changing scenery. Everyone will want to experience this amazing trip. Next, decide when you can go. Do you want to come at the beginning of the season for the fishing opener or do you want to go towards the end and experience the fantastic fall foliage? Then give us a call and reserve your stay at our one-of-a-kind Canadian fishing outpost located on Rock Lake Ontario. We are excited to create new memories for years to come. We have had a spectacular 2017! With excellent weather [...]

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Fall At Rough Rock Lake Ontario

During fall the leaves are changing colors, and the air has a crispness to it. It is the perfect time to get outdoors at Rough Rock Lake Ontario. Rough Rock Lodge & Outpost is a one-of-a-kind Canadian fishing outpost lodge with incredible fishing, quality accommodations, and even better sunsets! It is the perfect place to experience the colorful ever-changing scenery of fall! Nature From the moment you arrive by boat to our wilderness, you are surrounded by breathtaking scenery and amazing wildlife. The amount of crystal clear freshwater lakes will leave you in shock but so will the giant rocky cliffs. Explore the surroundings of the lake on foot or get out on the lake. Along your journey collect leaves that are different in shape and color and press them into a journal. Add your pictures from your adventures on top of the leaves to create a unique scrapbook of your time at Rough Rock Lodge & Outpost. Fishing We are located on the Winnipeg River System, one of the top 10 destinations for Muskie and Walleye fishing in North America. Making Rough Rock Lodge & Outpost the perfect fall fishing spot! The sun is not as hot as [...]

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Fall Fishing Trip in Ontario Canada

Fall is the ideal time to plan your fishing trip. The air is cool, the sun is not as intense, and it is the prime time to catch Walleye. Now that fall is around the corner there is no better time to plan your fishing Canada trip. We are one of Canada's premier fishing lodges, located on the Winnipeg River System, making Rough Rock Lodge & Outpost the ideal sportsman's vacation retreat. Northern Pike, Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, and Muskie are what you can expect to catch on your trip. However, before you go out and start bringing in the fish, it is important to know what you are luring in! Walleye Walleye is a native to most of Canada and the Northern United States and one of the finest eating freshwater fish. Walleyes are mostly olive and gold in color.  They have sharp teeth with a large mouth. Their average length is 16 to 18 inches and can get as big as 31 inches and weigh up to 20 pounds. Smallmouth Bass Smallmouth Bass are a freshwater fish that is part of the sunfish family.  The smallmouth bass is brown, sometimes appearing as black or green with red eyes, and [...]

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