One of the perks of visiting an Ontario fishing lodge is the seemingly limitless exposure to Canadian wildlife. With summer in full swing, many native animal species are fully active, moving about in search of mates and food. From roaming black bears to playful otters, Rough Rock Lodge & Outpost is home to a diverse assortment of fauna to enjoy on your Ontario vacation. While most of us have observed animals in their natural habitat, watching the squirrels and chipmunks forage at the bird feeder isn’t exactly what you’ll witness at resorts in Ontario. We’ve put together a few guidelines to help you make the most of your exciting retreat and maximize your wildlife viewing experience. 

Be the Observer

We’re confident that you’ll fall in love with these immaculate animals just like we have. The Canadian wildlife that resides at Rough Rock Lake plays an integral role in making our Ontario fishing lodge one of the best in the province. No matter how acclimated you are to the native fauna, it’s crucial to remember that these animals are not domesticated and will rely on their innate abilities to protect themselves and their brood if they become threatened. The ultimate way to appreciate our feathered and fuzzy friends is to allow them to carry on in their environment as if you were not there. It’s also important to have respect for their habitat by not feeding them or leaving behind any waste. 

Research Your Subjects

One of the best ways to maximize your wildlife viewing efforts is to do a bit of preliminary research. As we know, not all animals are active at the same time so that you may be up before dawn for birdwatching, but out at dusk to investigate your favourite deer or moose populations. It’s also imperative to observe the seasonal behaviours of the Canadian wildlife affected by the migration and hibernation of many mammals and birds. 

Additional Gear

As mentioned above, the Canadian wildlife you’ll be watching is just that: wild. Non-domesticated animals will protect themselves if need be, mostly by retreating into the woods. Many animals will become spooked when approached by unfamiliar visitors, so one can never be too careful. 

Keeping your distance with a set of binoculars is paramount to wildlife viewing, as it will give you a close up of your subjects while allowing them to go about their business. Also, a camera is a great way to document your observations. Climate can change drastically from morning to night, so it’s good to have layers of clothing that can be shed or added as the temperature fluctuates. Having a map is good to have in tow, if not for navigating, then to mark places where you’ve seen various critters. Finally, while encountering an aggressive bear is highly unlikely, it wouldn’t be wrong to have a canister of bear spray on hand. 

The Best Ontario Fishing Lodge on Rough Rock Lake

Nestled in lake country’s outer regions, Rough Rock Lodge is the perfect destination for a secluded Ontario vacation. Although fishing is the primary objective of most guests, there is something to be said about the native fauna that calls this place home. For more information on how we can facilitate your stay, please visit our website or call us at 712- 490 -6891.