When people vacation in Canada, they’re often looking for a rural escape from the bustling city life. Rough Rock Lodge is precisely that. Located in the middle of Canada’s great outdoors, we are the perfect place for you to unplug and recharge for a few days (or weeks). There are a couple of options for travelling to our secluded lakeside destination; if you elect to drive between the Winnipeg airport and our landing, you’ll have the opportunity to explore Canada in both urban and rural settings. It’s truly one of the most beautiful three hours you’ll experience. Here are the must-stop places between Winnipeg and Rough Rock Lodge.

Where to Stop and Explore Canada

Although you can also reserve a floatplane service to shuttle you from Winnipeg to our luxury fishing resort, taking a drive is one of the best ways to explore Canada. You can view the scenery from your car window throughout the entire journey, and you can easily pull over to check out anything that catches your eye. Here are a few cool spots along the way to Rough Rock Lodge.

Can’t-Miss Winnipeg Attractions

Before leaving Manitoba’s capital city behind, take a few hours to explore Canada’s urban delights. With all the things to do in Winnipeg, Canada, your expedition is just beginning.

1. Assiniboine ParkFall photo of Assiniboine Park, one of the best Winnipeg attractions

Assiniboine Park is a gorgeous slice of nature in the middle of a big city. It’s just right for a romantic stroll, it’s full of unparalleled landscaping, and it even has a zoo. This spot can be as relaxing or exciting as you like, so check out the map and choose which areas you want to see.

2. Manitoba Legislative Building

The Manitoba Legislative Building is available for tours every day. Built in 1920, this incredible piece of Canadian architecture is a must for history junkies and curious international travellers. 

3. Canadian Museum for Human Rights

This museum is another educational opportunity and one of the most fascinating things to do in Winnipeg, Canada. Not only can you explore Canada, but you can explore our national history. The Canadian Museum for Human Rights is in an architecturally beautiful building, it features new and engaging exhibits all the time, and it shares Candian stories from throughout history.

On the Way to Rough Rock Lodge

1. Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons is a Canadian classic for coffee and breakfast. Yes, they exist outside of Canada, but the food is better here. There’s a convenient location right as you’re leaving Winnipeg, so pull over to taste their original coffee blend and world-famous donuts. You’ll need the fuel as you explore Canada.

2. Trans-Canada Highway 

Okay, technically this isn’t a stop, but it is one of the main attractions of this road trip. Built over the course of five decades, the Trans-Canada Highway spans from Victoria, BC, to St. John’s, NF, and is the longest national highway in the world! All the best road trips in Canada involve this enormous stretch of road, and ours is no different.

3. Smokey’s Giant Tree Stump

At first glance, a giant tree stump might not seem like a glamorous vacation destination. However, when you learn the story behind this historic site, you’ll want to see it yourself. The stump was erected as a monument to the brave firefighters who fought Manitoba’s 1955 forest fire.

4. Clearwater Market

This one-stop shop is just right for a quick yet tasty bite to eat. They have souvenirs, a gas station, hot food, and a delicious selection of ice cream. Clearwater Market is a classic part of driving the Trans-Canada Highway. It’s not far from Rough Rock Lodge, so it’s a great place to stop for an afternoon snack.

Arriving at Rough RockPgoto fo Rough Rock Lake at sunset

Upon your arrival in Kenora, just give us a call, and we’ll prepare to pick you up at our landing. Then, you can rest up in your luxurious cabin at Rough Rock Lodge. Spend the evening dining on the world’s best fresh fish and gazing at the bright, rural stars. After a day in the city, you’ll appreciate our tranquil environment even more. Call 712-490-6891 to book your Canadian adventure today!