Autumn can be a magical time of year in any part of the world, but a trip to Canada will truly let you witness all the autumn colors you can dream of. While you’re outside enjoying the cooling weather and beautiful falling leaves, there’s no better time to get out on the lake and do some fishing. With the heat of the year gone, a trip to one of Canada’s most famous fishing lodges surely won’t disappoint. Rough Rock Outpost, located right on Rough Rock Lake in Ontario, Canada, will provide you with every fall fishing opportunity you could hope for.

Rough Rock Outpost will give you the perfect autumn experience, from their rustic cabins right on the lake to their meal and vacation packages. You’ll have everything you need when you stay with Rough Rock Outpost, allowing you to take all the time you want out on the lake enjoying some fall fishing. 

Fishing at Rough Rock Lake

Rough Rock Lake in Ontario, Canada, is truly known for its fishing. People come from far and wide to experience the fishing that this Canadian Lake has to offer, and fishing here in the autumn is no different. Surrounded by changing colors, cooler weather, and fall leaves, you’ll be able to relax and let the fish come to you. While fall fishing on Rough Rock Lake, you’ll have the chance to catch various types of fish such as smallmouth bass, walleye, and the area’s famous northern pike, which tend to measure more than 40 inches long! 

Fall Fishing and Vacation Packages

Since Rough Rock Outpost is known for its fishing, they can plan everything for you ahead of time when you plan to go fall fishing in Ontario, Canada. Their packages start with their American Plan, which provides you with access to the lake, a cozy cabin to enjoy the Canadian autumn in, and food. If you’re looking for something a little bit more for your fall fishing experience, Rough Rock Outpost can set you up with their Guided American Plan, which gives you accommodations, access to the lake, a guide, boat rental, and meals. The plan they have that will let you get out on the water for the largest amount of time is their Evening Meal Plan, which gives you the option of hiring a fishing guide each day you stay with Rough Rock Outpost.

Shore Lunch

When you spend all day out fall fishing on Rough Rock Lake, you’re sure to get hungry. Luckily, Rough Rock Outpost can provide you with a lunch made right on the shore of the lake by your fishing guide. The shore lunch consists of locally caught slot fish, which your guide will cook up for you right by the water so that you have the energy to stay out on the water for the rest of the day.

Rough Rock Outpost

There’s nothing like getting outside during the autumn time, and nothing compares to a Canadian autumn. During your trip to Ontario, Canada’s Rough Rock Lake, you’ll be able to enjoy the colors and weather of autumn out on the lake catching various types of fish. Rough Rock Outpost is the perfect place to stay during your fall fishing trip. From their fishing plans to their cozy cabin accommodations, you’ll have everything you need to enjoy your autumn vacation to its fullest, catching fish, and enjoying Canada’s autumn views in your downtime.