When you think of travelling to Canada, you likely picture pristine mountains, glacial lakes, and lots of time outdoors. When you stay at Rough Rock Lodge and Outpost, you’ll be greeted with just this: crystal clear fishing lakes created by ancient glaciers, nearby rock cliffs, and accommodations tucked away in towering pine forests. Rough Rock Lodge is simply the best place to book your next corporate getaway because, apart from the beautiful cabins in the woods, you’ll be welcomed with dining options just for you, as well as access to Rough Rock’s signature fishing boats. Here, you’ll be able to experience fishing in Ontario on pristine lakes and be able to practice team building while having fun exploring the woods surrounding Canada’s Rough Rock Lodge.

What Makes Fishing Here Special?

Rough Rock Lodge simply makes fishing in Ontario a unique experience. Their packages are all-inclusive and include a fly-in to their private lakes. You’ll have access to a boat for your team, and if you’re new to fishing, you’ll have the chance to hire a fishing guide. These crystal clear lakes are surrounded by all the wildlife you picture when you think of Canada, and fishing here is sure to be a bonding experience you and your team will never forget.

What Can You Expect From a Fishing Trip?

Fishing in Ontario can bring you all the fish you’ve ever wanted, making this the perfect team-building exercise for your business. From smallmouth bass, one of the hardest fish to catch, to northern pike, one of the largest you’ll find here, your team will have fun working hard to catch the most challenging fish in the lake. Try your hand at catching some walleye—one of the most plentiful fish in the area—or a muskie, one that most people don’t even see until they book their stay at Rough Rock! These fish will pose a fun challenge for you and your team and will make fishing in Ontario a business excursion they’ll never forget.

Rough Rock Lodge: Fishing in Ontario at Its Finest

When it comes to fishing in Ontario, it’s clear that it might be one of the most productive team-building trips for you and your team to take. When you book your stay at Rough Rock Lodge, you won’t have to worry about noisy hotel rooms or crowded water. Instead, expect beautiful private cabins, clear lakes for fishing, and more fish to catch than you can imagine. So, gather your team and tell them to pack their bags—you’re ready for a special week of team building and Canadian nature.