Canada Fishing at Rough Rock Lodge & Outpost

Guest holding smallmouth bass

Smallmouth Bass

Pound for pound, the hardest fighting fish in the lake, “smallies” do not give up! Bring your light tackle/fly rod and enjoy the aerobatics of our “Rough Rock Footballs”.

Man holding walleye


One of the finest eating fresh water fish in North America, “shore lunch” size wallies are plentiful and every season our anglers catch and release several Ontario Angler Award sized fish.

Man holding large pike.

Northern Pike

“Water Wolf of the North,” what a fun fish to catch, numerous, hard fighting and talk about size, 40+ inch pike are landed, photographed and released every year at the “Rock”.

Man holding muskie


“Fish of a 1,000 Casts,” HA! It’s around 600-700 at Rough Rock, both size (50+ inch) and numbers, many of our guests catch their first muskies with us.

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