Canadian Fishing

When you are out on a boat, and the waves are gently rocking you back and forth, then you’ll know you’re Canadian fishing. The Ontario skies are shining above, and you feel a tug on your line. You reel and pull, carefully maneuvering your gear as you bring in a 40 inch Northern Pike. As you measure and weigh your monster Pike, you can’t help but crack a smile and do a victory dance. Northern Pikes are a popular catch in Canadian fishing. 

Northern Pike Facts

The Northern Pike carries many different nicknames and is easily recognized with a few defining features. With long slender bodies, a small dorsal fin near the tail, a broad, flattened snout, and uniques green, yellow, and creme markings make this fish one of a kind. The duckbill-like snout and sharp teeth make this fish an all-star carnivorous fish. They lie in wait for their pray and attack once they find a suitable meal. Pikes can reach lengths of more than 40 inches long but average at about 20-25 inches and weigh an average of 30 or so pounds.

Find them on your Canadian Fishing Trip

Found primarily in fresh water, the Northern Pike loves heavily vegetated areas. With their hunting style being awaiting to ambush strategy, the vegetation helps camouflage and create good spaces to hide in wait. Trolling through the weedy bay areas and pools in lakes are prime spots to find a Pike waiting for your bait to cross its path.

Northern Pikes At Rough Rock

Canadian fishingWhen you come to Rough Rock Outpost for a Canadian fishing trip, you will likely run into this interesting resident. Catch and release these monsters of the deep with us. We have several packages and opportunities for you to get out there and meet the Northern Pike face to face. Pack your bags and grab your favorite fishing gear for an adventure on the Ontario waters here at Rough Rock.