Summer means heading to the great outdoors, far from the bright city lights. If you’ve never sat out under a starry sky, you must stay at Rough Rock Outpost and experience a starry night on Rough Rock Lake Ontario!

Observe Wildlife!

Although our nightlife is truly magical, you can also spot a wide range of wildlife animals around Rough Rock Lake Ontario! Such as black bear, whitetail deer, river otter, and ruby-throated hummingbird! You may be able to spot any, and all the animals listed while fishing on Rough Rock Lake Ontario or hiking on one of our scenic trails. While you’re out and about around Rough Rock Outpost, make sure you set a day aside to try our shore lunch! Our guests really enjoy the freshly-caught fish lunch we offer on the shore. After you’ve been out on the lake fishing, you get to relax while your guide sets up a campfire and fires up the frying pan, fillets and seasons the fish with a tasty combination of flour and spices, then fries them up on an open flame fire. This is no ordinary shore lunch with just a can of pork and beans and few potatoes. Rough Rock Outpost guides raise your expectation of a shore lunch to new levels. The distinctive sizzle of outdoor cooking and the taste of fresh fish under the beautiful Canadian sky make for some of the greatest memories at Rough Rock Outpost. After this generous meal you may be tempted to nap, but then you’ll miss out on some of the best fishing hours!

Observe the Stars!

Rough Rock Outpost offers the unique option to go fishing after dinner, in fact, we encourage you to experience this new fishing excursion! Not only will you experience the spectacular pinkish hues of a Canadian sunset reflecting off the calm surface of Rough Rock Lake Ontario while reeling-in walleyes, or sharing your fish stories. You’ll also get to watch the sky light up with millions of stars coming into a clear night sky. We strongly encourage after dinner fishing because it truly offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to connect with nature. As you observe the scenery awaiting to get your prize catch, nature continues its life cycle around you.

Whether you want to spot a river otter or discover new constellations, you won’t regret staying at Rough Rock Outpost and experiencing the beauty of life around Rough Rock Lake Ontario!