When it comes to fishing lodges in Ontario, Canada, nothing compares to Rough Rock Outpost. We’re surrounded by the sheer beauty of rock cliffs and the ever-changing scenery of the Canadian Shield. Our one-of-a-kind Canadian fishing lodge is located on Rough Rock Lake, 45 miles north of Kenora in Minaki, Ontario. With thousands of crystal clear freshwater lakes surrounding our Ontario fishing resort, you’ll fall in love with Rough Rock Outpost, whether it’s watching the gorgeous sunsets or sharing fishing stories around the campfire.

Ontario Fishing Resort

Rough Rock Outpost is located among one of North America’s most spectacular places and surrounded by thousands of crystal clear freshwater lakes, making it the renown Ontario fishing resort many have come to know and love over the years. Our shorelines are full of wildlife, so if you keep a watchful eye, you may spot black bears, whitetail deer, river otters, beavers, and many more local species. Ruby-throated hummingbirds like to hang out around the main lodge, so while you sip on a fresh cup of coffee, enjoy their quick-flight visits.

Rough Rock Outpost is up and running for the new season, with tremendous pike and bass fishing. Our biggest pike to date is 42 inches and the biggest Smallie is 19 inches, both were caught and released. The walleye are showing up in good numbers. It’s not too late to book your trip with us, as we accept short notice trips based on availability.

Why Rough Rock Outpost?

Ontario fishing resortAlthough many visitors boast in reeling in trophy wallies, there are other species to catch as well, from Smallmouth Bass and Northern Pike to Muskies and many more. However, we do agree that Walleye is one of the finest eating freshwater fish in North America. Speaking of eating, another unique feature of Rough Rock Outpost is that we offer shore lunches. Our trained guides set up a campfire along a riverbank, as the pan heats up, he’ll fillet and seasons freshly-caught fish for a tasty meal. Nothing comes close to the distinctive sizzle of outdoor cooking and the taste of freshly-caught fish!

After this delightful meal, keep the fun going as you experience some of the best afternoon fishing in Minaki, Ontario. Those are just a few reasons why guests keep coming back to our Ontario fishing resort year after year. But don’t just take our word for it, book your summer trip to the best fishing lodges in Ontario, Canada, and see for yourself!