If the only thing that is holding you back from a fishing trip in Canada; is not knowing much about Canada fishing lodges than let us ease your fears! Because when it comes to Canada fishing lodges, Rough Rock Outpost is the one and only! Surrounded by beautiful rock cliffs and breathtaking crystal clear freshwater lakes. Alright, well now that that’s taken care of, let’s talk fishing!

Your Visit, Your Catch!

If you want to catch smallmouth bass, walleye and, or northern pikes now’s your time! The season opens late May and ends in early October! If you’re looking to find some Muskies, you’ll have to wait a few more weeks as Muskie season begins late June and ends in early October. If you want to fish, we always have fish, and if you like them all we have them all! In all seriousness, if you are looking for a fighting catch, Smallmouth Bass don’t give up! Bring your light tackle or fly rod and enjoy the aerial tricks, some would call it fishing-show! If you’re looking for the tastiest fish, then you must try our walleye! Northern Pike, also known as water wolf of the north, is a fun catch, hard fighting. When you catch one that’s about 40-inch, we photograph it and release it. If you have no preference, you can be one of the many guests who find their first muskies with us.

What’s the deal with these Canada fishing lodges?

Our most popular package awaits you, your suitcase and your fishing gear! Let us take care of you with prime fishing, great food, and comfortable lodging. Cabin and boat rental fees are included in the package as well as a Rough Rock guide, and three meals a day. With this package, you can stay anywhere from four nights and three days up to seven nights and six days! If you would prefer a non-guided package we also have that option, the American plan includes cabin and boat rental and three meals a day. You can also, stay three to six days with this package. If you want to make the most of your time on the water Evening Meal Plan is the package for you! Right now the weather is exceeding expectations, hot and dry, the lake water is in the sixties with normal water levels and virtually no current in the river, making for an early spawn for the smallies and muskies.

We hope we convinced you that as far as Canada fishing lodges go, we are it! Don’t take our word for it, our breathtaking views and unforgettable fish will do all the convincing!