There is not much better of a feeling than your boat rocking on the waves while you cast your line out into the water and wait for a bite. For Rough Rock Outpost, fishing is a favorite pastime. With different packages for staying in cozy lodging, tasty meals, and top-notch fishing, every angler will love a trip to this spot. Grab your gear and get ready for one of the best Canadian fishing trips with Rough Rock Outpost.

Best Canadian Fishing Trips

There are four common celebrities that guests love when fishing with Rough Rock and those are: Small Mouth Bass, Northern Pike, Muskie, and Walleye. All four of these fish are native to the area and are plentiful in the Ellis Bay waters right outside the lodge. The Walleye is a popular fish for cooking as it is one of the tastiest in the Ontario waters. Many like to enjoy their walleye for the “shore lunch” when the seasoned guides cookout on the shores of the lodge.

The Walleye 

Being the largest member of the Perch family, the Walleye is a widely sought-after fish in much of the north central area of the United States. They are pretty easily recognized with large cloudy eyes, canine teeth and distinct dorsal fins with the front one being spiny and the rear one being smooth. Walleye tend to eat well all throughout the winter months, so they are always ready to put up a good fight with anglers and are prime for preparing for meals. Walleyes can grow to about 31 inches long and reach an average of 20-25 pounds. They are an entertaining fish to battle it out with on the water.

Reeling In Your Best Catch

Catching a Walleye can be a great deal of fun as they do give you a challenge. For better luck at hooking a walleye on your line, there are a few things to keep in mind. Walleyes tend to hang out on sandy flats or large drop-offs, so search for a spot like that to find them. Though they do eat other smaller fish, they tend to bite at minnows quite a bit, so try some of those on your lines first. Walleyes are very good at seeing in the dark since their eyes are built to pull in light. Therefore many anglers fish them around dusk or troll them during the day. Their eyes are sensitive so you won’t find them out in open waters during the day unless they are hiding towards the bottoms of deep areas.

The Rough Rock Outpost has guides with more tips and tricks for catching these little monsters from the deep. They will help you out to make sure you have one of the best Canadian fishing trips you can have. Get to know the Walleye first hand with a trip to Ontario at Rough Rock Outpost and try your hand at reeling one of these bad boys in for yourself. Give Rough Rock a call and start planning your next Ontario fishing adventure.