Over the years, many anglers have come to associate trophy northern pike with the great province of Ontario. The elegant beauty showcased by the pristine wilderness surrounding it is part of what makes Rough Rock Lake some of the best pike fishing in Ontario. Coupled with the thoughtful conservation practices of our local anglers and wildlife management services, and you’ll find yourself in an environment teeming with northern pike. While there are several exceptional fishing lodges in Canada to select, Rough Rock Lodge gives you the option to roll out with a Canada fishing guide or choose your adventure.

Canada’s Great Northern Pike

Besides the elusive muskie, northern pike are some of the largest fish in Rough Rock Lake, however almost all of our guests who target them manage to land one. What makes these “water wolves” so enticing to anglers is not only their sheer size—40+ inch pike are reasonably common here—but the ruthless fight they offer after the hook set. If you’re lucky, you may haul in a monster over 50 inches! Here are some of the most popular northern pike lures courtesy of Fishmasters:

Not All Fishing Lodges in Canada Are the Same

Rough Rock Lodge has earned the right to be considered among the best fishing lodges in Canada, but the only way to know is to experience it for yourself. Nestled between the bluffs and crags of the Canadian Shield, Rough Rock Lake is a glacial remnant that has become an excellent habitat for northern pike and other coveted sportfish. Your chances of landing a trophy-size northern pike are high, even if you are a novice angler. Rough Rock Lake has proven time and again that it is capable of producing massive northern pike.

Rough Rock Lodge

When it comes to fishing vacations in Canada, very few outposts compare to Rough Rock Lodge. From comfortable cabins to hearty meals, our accommodations will supply you with more than enough relaxation and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re doing it right. For more information on how we can help you experience some of the best fishing in Canada, please contact us online or call 712- 490 -6891.