Fishing trips can be a “boatload” of fun. With the excitement of duking it out with a mighty muskie or finessing the relentless smallmouth bass, it is no surprise why anglers have such a passion for the sport. However, certain things go hand in hand with fishing that could make or break your outing. We have a few tips so you can experience the best Canadian fishing trips possible.

Know Your Surroundings

When you are going out to a place like Rough Rock, where you may not have encountered before, it is important to know what fish are in that particular area. You do not want to show up with bait and tackle for a fish that is not even common to that area. By knowing where you are going and what fish live there, you can correctly prepare. It is also good to check in with the lodge for fishing reports to see if the fish you desire is in a peak season. 

Check Your Gear

One very critical preparation is checking your gear over. Make sure that your lines are not kinked or cloudy. If they are, swap them out before you get to your destination. You will also want to make sure that the leader matches the fishing you are doing as far as strength and abrasiveness. A good quality leader will help you with the specific fish you are going after. You will also want to double check your tackle box just to make sure nothing important is missing.

Plan In Advance

Sometimes an impromptu fishing trip will bare a successful yield, but planning will help you be more prepared, comfortable, and confident. Having a good game plan and everything prepared will help you relax once you arrive and get out on the water. Some of the best Canadian fishing trips start off with a bit of preparation and end with unforgettable experiences. Use these tips to prepare ahead and come out to Rough Rock Outpost to put those plans into action for an incredible excursion.