Few fish have as many fans as walleye. The ever-popular freshwater fish is highly sought after by novice and expert anglers alike, and here at Rough Rock Lodge, they’re abundant. With seemingly endless shoreline and perfect water temperatures, Rough Rock Lake is the ideal lake for walleye fishing in Canada. And our Northwest Ontario fishing lodges are the ideal place for a Canada fly-in fishing trip. Our guides will teach you all about how to catch walleye in central Canada.

Habitat for Walleye in Central Canada

Our slice of Ontario paradise is optimal for many fish species due to the variety of habitat. Rough Rock Lake is part of a lush series of lakes around the Winnipeg River System, to which walleye, in particular, are partial. These carnivorous fish prefer lakes and rivers that are cool, deep, and quiet with clean, flowing water. The landscape around Rough Rock Lodge has all of those qualities, making for the best walleye fishing in Canada.

Walleye in central Canada are active in water that is 32–90 degrees Fahrenheit, or 0–32 degrees Celsius, but they like 70 degrees Fahrenheit and 21 degrees Celsius best. They tend to use different habitat features as a sort of air conditioning. When it’s hot and sunny outside, the shallow waters heat up, so walleye swim deeper. They’ll also hang out in the shadows around weed beds and submerged trees.

Best Bait for Walleye Fishing in CanadaMinnows for Walleye Fishing in Canada

When it comes to how to catch walleye in Canada, their feeding habits are of paramount importance. Because these fish are so temperature-sensitive and largely nocturnal, they eat at dusk and dawn. However, many people do catch them during the day while fishing here at Rough Rock Lodge

You can use almost any kind of bait while walleye fishing in Canada. They eat everything from insects to eggs to other fish. The hungry little guys will bite worms, leeches, minnows, and artificial baits. So feel free to use your favourite tackle and bait, or ask your guide for advice based on the day’s weather.

Comfortable Ontario Fishing Lodges

In addition to the best habitat for walleye in central Canada, Rough Rock Lodge has the best habitat for people. Our Ontario fishing lodges are elegantly rustic and perfectly comfortable. We’ll pick you up by boat, or you can hire a floatplane for an authentic Canada fly-in fishing trip. Call us at 712- 490 -6891 to go walleye fishing in Canada’s most secluded and abundant waters.