A hot fire, cast-iron skillet, fresh fish, and refreshing lakeside breeze are essential parts of traditional Canadian food. At Rough Rock Lodge, we have all of those things and more. Our fishing lodges in Ontario, Canada, offer access to the best Canadian fish, and with so much fresh fish, you’ll never be hungry during your stay. Our all-inclusive fishing trip packages include three meals per day. A delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner are cooked fresh daily for you to enjoy. Here’s the scoop on one of our specialties: shore lunch.

World’s Best Fresh Fish Fry

Everybody knows that fresh fish is the best, but how fresh do you usually get it? Here at Rough Rock Lodge, you’ll literally eat your daily catch right on the shore of Rough Rock Lake. If you typically buy your seafood from the supermarket, this traditional Canadian food will truly blow your mind!

Your expert Canada fishing guide will start a fire and whip up one of our favorite Canadian recipes for fish batter. Then, you’ll enjoy the scents and sounds of fresh fish fillets sizzling over the fire in a cast-iron skillet. Your delectable fish pairs perfectly with fried potatoes—or chips. Combine this hearty meal with your favorite sides and beer, and you’ll be ready for an afternoon in the boat.

If you would prefer something else for lunch, we will provide a box lunch for you to take along on your daily adventures.

Traditional Canadian Food All WeekPhoto of Traditional Canadian Food Top Sirloin

The traditional Canadian food doesn’t end with shore lunch. With three meals per day, you’ll have ample opportunities to try the best Canadian recipes. From Canadian fish to top sirloin steak to tender ribs, you’ll never eat better than at Rough Rock Lodge. 

We pride ourselves on attention to detail, which is what makes our Canadian fishing trips so incredible. If you have any special requests or restrictions, just give us a call at 712- 490 -6891 to set up the right meals for you. 

Fishing Lodges in Ontario, Canda

After a full day of exploring with your Canada fishing guide and with a belly full of flavorful fresh fish, our luxurious fishing lodges in Ontario, Canada, are the most comfortable place to relax. Head back to your private cabin for a night of rest, and join us in the morning for another incredible day on the water. Call 807-407-7453 to book your stay.