Canada fishing resorts, like Rough Rock Outpost, offer spectacular fishing opportunities! We know you’re itching to get out here. However, we want to make sure you pack only what you need. So, we have put together a list of items you’ll need to pack and another of what we have available here. 

We’ll start with items you will need to pack to have the best experience at one of the best Canada fishing resorts.

  • Fishing Gear.
  • Rain Gear. Make sure to choose the rain gear that suits you best, as you want to be comfortable.
  • Warm weather and Cool weather Clothing.
  • Passport and I.D.
  • Fishing and Hunting Licenses, we ask that you please purchase these online prior to your arrival to Rough Rock Outpost.
  • Meals, we offer a variety of packages which all include three meals a day.
  • Bug Repellent, Sunscreen, and Sunglasses. Insects are a key part of our water shores, as they keep the natural life cycle balanced. But, we figure you’d rather let the fish eat insects and not the insects eat you!
  • Camera, you’ll want to capture every catch you real in, and fun memories around our shore meals, and campfires, as well as our breathtaking sunrise and sunsets!

We’ll follow with what is available at Rough Rock Outpost:

  • Free Wireless Internet and Satellite TV.
  • Retail Clothing.
  • Ice and Beverages.
  • Tackle.
  • Fishing Boats. Rough Rock Outpost offers a fleet of well-maintained aluminum fishing boats. Each featuring a flat carpeted floor, powered by a quiet, electric start 40-HP Honda four-stroke electric motor, and depth finder. We also include life jackets, safety equipment, three padded base seats, landing nets, paddles, and of course we’ll supply gas as needed.

Other Canada fishing resorts can’t match our lakes access! Also, Rough Rock Outpost supplies everything but your suitcase and fishing gear, for you to have the best fishing trip Canada fishing resorts’ can offer.